Baby Sensory Walton on Thames

Classes suitable for babies from birth to 13 months

Monday Classes in Walton on Thames



Hi I’m Kayleigh

I run Baby Sensory classes in Walton on a Monday at Walton Methodist Church on Terrace Road (the postcode is KT12 2SR)

I have been running the classes here in Walton on Thames for over 2 years after being so impressed whilst attending Baby Sensory classes with my daughter Florence.

Each term runs during term time (plus summer specials) and we offer a no obligation trial class so please do come along and see for yourself what we do!

New Term:

June 4th to 16th July 

7 sessions £56

Some PAYG spaces are released on Facebook on a Sunday evening they are £10 per session.

Class times

10am – 11am 5-13 months

11.30am – 12.30pm 0-7 months

1.15pm – 2pm 0-13 months

The summer term has baby pirates, jungle, animals, and much more.

Andrea is the newest addition to the Baby Sensory team in Walton. She has been assisting in classes since September slowly taking over the classes and responsibilities.

Kayleigh will be going on Maternity leave in January and will be leaving you in the very capable hands of Andrea (you may even see her in class!)

Andrea attended Baby Sensory with both her children (which is how Kayleigh and Andrea met) and has been enjoying being a Baby Sensory Class assistant & then leader since April this year.

Follow my Facebook page for updates and class information:

Classes also run on Tuesdays in Isleworth and Wednesday in Whitton.


What is Baby Sensory?

Baby Sensory is a multi-award winning class that will introduce your baby to a world of sensory exploration. We provide a space where the two of you can relax, have fun and share in each other’s delight. For the space we provide is a magical world, full of glowing balls, light shows, puppets, bubbles, rainbows, petals, massage, signing and songs. Imagination is a vital part of childhood. And together we’ll dance in the snow or dive under the waves, trek through a rainforest and sing the shanties of sea pirates.

We have a vast wealth of equipment and songs – many unique to us – and you’ll never experience the same lesson twice. What also makes our programme so groundbreaking is that every element has been meticulously designed with your baby’s development in mind. Founded in 2007 by Dr Lin Day and now an international success, it’s the result of a lifetime’s work and study, and testament to her overriding passion to inspire and educate children and support their parents.

We love sharing our knowledge with you, regularly explaining what we’re doing and why. For the first year of your baby’s life is one of the most important. Soon after birth the brain starts creating two million new connections every second, and understanding more about your child’s development will really enhance what’s already a very special time.

What Happens at a Baby Sensory Session?

Each week the sessions are structured following the natural play-rest-play cycle of babies. This helps avoid them becoming over or under-stimulated, and routine is important for their security and development.

So you’ll begin with time on the mats, singing songs, signing, smelling different scents, and perhaps playing an instrument. You might even see a rain cloud, have a boogie or learn some foreign words.

Next is rest-time, where the babies will love exploring a well-equipped play area that changes each week. Here they’ll shuffle in a ball pit, clamber on the soft boxes or explore the toys and sensory mats. And this is a great time for parents to chat with each other in a relaxed and meaningful way. As the weeks go on real friendships are often formed through sharing tips and experiences at a time when most really appreciate the support.

Then it’s back to the mats for perhaps more songs, a light or disco show, a floating parachute, signing, a bit of massage, and often some tummy time – really important for babies’ development. Finally, we always end with some quiet moments and our lovely goodbye song.

Baby Sensory is fantastic value for money, offering every sensory element in the one-hour sessions. Come and join our amazing classes.

We’ve done the research; so you can enjoy the fun.


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