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The Little Gym Cobham

Classes at The Little Gym Cobham are designed for children between the ages of four months and 12 years, and are taught by trained and caring instructors who provide individual attention and positive feedback to reward every student’s efforts. Although gymnastics is at the base of our curriculum, classes also incorporate sports, games, dancing, listening and cooperation.


THE LITTLE GYM OF COBHAM by gym owner, Glynis Sutherland:

We really care about delivering a five-star experience for the whole family. We want to build the confidence of our young members while developing transferable skills that can equip them for all areas of life – whether it be other sports, drama, learning to listen and take instructions at school, or share and work in teams. But we have one rule – it must be fun!! Our age-appropriate children’s activities are Serious Fun! Class sizes are kept small and not only do the programmes improve muscle development and physical health, they also assist children develop mentally and emotionally. We are excited to provide a warm, welcoming environment for families; a place where Mums and Dads can meet up, have a coffee and make new friends – all while their children learn and laugh.


CLASSES, PARTIES AND CAMPS for every stage of your child’s development

The Little Gym Cobham offers a diverse line up of classes, holiday camps and parties filled with movement, music, learning and laughter – your little ones (from 4 months to 12 years) will make friends, reach developmental milestones and build self-confidence while having Serious Fun.

  • Our classes for Parent & Toddler Groups will help little ones achieve new milestones and prepare for more advanced challenges during each stage of growth – both inside and outside of the gym!
  • In our preschool gymnastics, we offer five co-ed gymnastics classes for children aged between three and six. Specially designed to help channel some of their excess energy, these structured gymnastics classes are enormous fun for the little ones all the while they are increasing in confidence, learning new skills and feeling a sense of pride in achievements.
  • From six to twelve years, children can work their way through six challenging gymnastics classes in our primary school gymnastics programmes. Youngsters really do begin to advance their physical strength, flexibility and coordination here, and work their way from beginner, to intermediate and then to advanced skills, all at their own pace.


Please visit for class, party and camp schedules, details of our soon-to-be hugely popular Parent Survival Nights and extensive information on everything else you might need to know about us.

We cannot wait to start training with your little ones!

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Tel: 01372 738055


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