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Give your Eating Habits a Spring Clean

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Give your Eating Habits a Spring Clean


Yes it’s time for that obligatory jump on the bandwagon: it’s officially Spring; and take look at your eating habits and are they as healthy as you think?

I know, living and eating healthily is not always easy. For a start, we are constantly being “fed” conflicting statements about what is and isn’t good for us.

The tabloid headlines are just that, headlines. They often don’t get to the heart of the matter at hand and when they do the articles can be misleading because even when based on scientific research they focus on one result, one finding and not the whole picture.

Take sugar for example, but that’s another rant for another day…


And even if we are well-informed – or like to think we are – it’s still so easy to be conned by the food manufactures and the faddists out there…

Firstly, before the tips, I’d like to say well done for wanting to eat healthily. You wouldn’t be reading this post if you didn’t.

And, hopefully you know I am not one to lecture but there are just some things that you shouldn’t be doing with your diet.

However, here are some small pieces of advice that will help you clear out the dusty old eating habits and ideas that may not be so healthy after all…


  1. Healthy snack bars are a myth…

Flapjacks, cereal bars, granola bars and fruit and bars may sound, look and feel healthy but they are simply sugar-laden bars of badness.

Take the simple flapjack: usually made with oats, brown sugar and golden syrup… So it’s healthy because it’s not covered in chocolate and has oats in it – is it???


  1. “LITE” foods bring me down


When you look at what LITE currently means is: it’s low in fat. Awesome. Nothing wrong with a little balanced fat reduction you might say. Indeed.

But to achieve the low in fat-ness, they pack these foods chock full of sugar. This is so that after taking out all the fat you are not left with something utterly tasteless and with a texture like cardboard.

If you are a lite foodie lover – then it’s time to clean out your cupboard and your fridge –  the ones with loads of sugar in are just not good for you.


  1. Junk food is junk…


Even if you are eating a “healthy” paleo cheesecake with fewer processed nasties in it – it’s still not ok to eat a bucket of it. A dessert is a dessert is a dessert.

The idea behind a healthy diet is a balanced diet so – yes you’ve heard it before – too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

PS: Dark chocolate is still chocolate and still contains sugar. The word dark does not mean: it’s ok you can eat me til you’re sick!


  1. Argghhhhh JUICE!

Fruit juice is not ok. In any form. Ever. Ditto for pure fruit smoothies. Fruit contains high levels of fructose – it’s one of the worst “oses” in the sugar family.

When you juice (using a juicer) you extract juice from the fruit and remove fibre thus taking away any real nutritional value and leaving you with liquid sugar.

Fruit smoothies, made simply by blending pieces of fruit together are a touch better because you leave the fibre in, but only a touch as they are still loaded with fructose. Because fruit are loaded with fructose…

If you must take your nutrition in liquid form then choose veg-based smoothies that use just a handful of fruit.


  1. DON’T eat little and often – it’s NOT good for you.

No clever quip here. It is not ok for your body to eat little and often or graze, as the cool kids like to say.

Every time you eat something you kick your body off into a biological process that elevates your insulin levels and then sees them drop.

It doesn’t matter how much you eat or what you eat – this process will happen and this essentially puts your body into action and puts your digestive system under stress to deal with what you have just ingested. Even a cup of tea can instigate the process.

Three meals a day… At least five hours between meals (if you can manage it) and your body and waistline will thank you for it.


  1. Put the nut butter down!

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition we absorb just 30% of the energy contained in natural almonds (including calories, fats, carbs and sugars).

Almond butter takes away the barrier to that energy because your body doesn’t have to negotiate the fibre and nut-ness of the natural almond. So when you eat nut butter you get nearly 100% of the energy in it.

Good if you are eating sensible amounts of it; Baaaaad if you are eating it by the jar-load on a regular basis. So you CAN eat too much nut butter.


  1. Detox.

Suffice to say at the end of a rather long, albeit very interesting (if I may say it myself), blog post, you don’t want an extra rant right at the end. But detoxing is not the super healthy activity you have been led to believe.

Check out this post on detoxing and when you’re done get ready to clean out those detoxes from your “healthy eating” cupboard and give your habits a spring clean!


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