Olivie Baby and Wellbeing

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

Baby Massage

Learn the calming techniques of baby massage and the many benefits including:

  • helping to relieve digestive issues (wind, colic, constipation)
  • encouraging relaxation and more restful sleep
  • dedicated time for you to bond with your baby and make some special memories
  • physical, social and emotional development for your baby

For more information why not send me an email: oliviebaby@hotmail.com

We offer:

1:1 sessions in the comfort of your own home

These sessions can be completely tailored to you and your baby without the hassle of having to get out of the house. You can ask as many questions as you like and be assured that you are getting quality time dedicated to you and your baby in an environment where your baby already feels safe and secure.

Private groups

Perfect for NCT groups or groups of friends. These can be hosted at someone’s house (a discount will be offered to the host), or at an alternative venue if that’s easier.

Small group classes in the local area

These are great if you prefer getting out of the house and meeting other parents, whilst learning the techniques of baby massage and its many benefits.

Skype or FaceTime sessions.

If you live a bit further away or would just prefer the convenience of learning online, this can be a perfect option for you.

Sessions are usually suitable for babies 6 weeks to crawling, but do still contact me if you have a younger baby and are raring to go and we can discuss options.

During the sessions I will teach you some brilliant massage techniques for all parts of the body, which may help with everything from relieving gas and tummy discomfort to helping with teething, congestion and sinus pain.

We will use rhymes and songs to help you remember the moves and for extra stimulation for your baby.

As well as helping you to soothe your baby, I can teach you relaxation, breathing and mindfulness techniques to help you look after yourself and to manage the stress of parenthood and life in general.

Baby Yoga

Baby yoga incorporates ‘over the clothes’ massage, stretching and movements for your baby, songs, rhymes, actions and sensory activities. We also include relaxation and breathing exercises for you as well as gentle stretches and movements.

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For more information why not send me an email oliviebaby@hotmail.com or visit our website: www.olivie.co.uk

About Me

Hi, I’m Sophie, I’m a local mum of two and I started Olivie Baby & Wellbeing after having my second child.

I attended baby massage and baby yoga classes with both my children and still have really happy memories of the sessions.

Even after years of first learning the techniques, I am still using massage with my children for tummy issues, and my 5 year old still requests a foot massage every now and then!

I have many years of experience working as a psychologist in the area of health and wellbeing.

I am a fully insured and qualified instructor and the training that I have completed is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.

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