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Sports Massage Weybridge, Walton, Hersham and Esher

We provide sports and remedial massage – a soft tissue therapy offering in-clinic appointments at the Footcare Centre, Weybridge as well as home visits within Weybridge and surrounding areas. We also offer ‘Therapist in the office’ – a sports massage with 15- 30 mins slots to your employees at your location.

Please call 07736 276 009 to book or contact us here and we will respond within an hour

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy aka Soft Tissue Therapy

A non-invasive way to treat the following conditions;

Sore and tired muscles, postural imbalances (such as slouched back) caused by overly tight muscles, muscle injuries such as minor tears, sciatica, tennis elbow, runner’s knee, RSI (repetitive stress injury), frozen shoulder, shin splints, tension headaches, migraines, breathing difficulties due to tight chest muscles, stiff muscles and many others.

This therapy involves separating, elongating (and sometimes shortening) muscle fibres stuck together and hardened through injury, overuse and tension, causing pain.

It incorporates techniques such as MET (muscle energy techniques), STR (soft tissue release), TPT (trigger point therapy), myofascial release and many others to return the tissues in their original balanced state.

It restores the natural health, functionality and range of movement of the muscles so that they can work like they are supposed to, pain-free. Another benefit of this therapy is a stress relief and profound relaxation, which can improve sleep.

Pregnancy Massage

​Although this therapy is lighter than sports and remedial massage, it is still very effective at addressing the aches, pains and stresses that pregnancy can bring on to the body. It encourages the soft tissues to cope better with the pressure of changing body and aids in muscular pain.

It is advisable to check with your doctor or midwife before having a massage, especially, if you are experiencing any complications.

Taping and Strapping

​This technique uses a tape on the skin to aid in postural correction, joint stability and soft tissue imbalance. Offered from mid November….

About Restore Balance

Hi, I’m Monika!

I qualified in 2009 with Btec Level 5, the highest qualification in the UK in soft tissue therapy and I am a member of the ISRM (Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage).

After years of working in different physiotherapy clinics in London and Weybridge, I decided to set up Restore Balance Surrey – a friendly and professional soft tissue therapy clinic in the heart of Weybridge, offering clients a comprehensive treatment for muscular pain, postural and soft tissue imbalances (such as tight and achy muscles) and stress relief.

​I love what I do and I am still amazed about the results this non-invasive, holistic therapy can bring, helping and assisting the body in healing and corrective processes. I use sports and remedial massage, soft tissue release, muscle energy technique, soft tissue manipulation, postural assessment and myo-fascial release amongst others, to achieve excellent results.

​I have a treatment room within the friendly Footcare Centre clinic on Weybridge High Street (Thursdays and Saturdays) and also offer home visits for clients in Weybridge and surrounding areas.

​My clients are mostly office workers, busy mums, athletes but also children and elderly. I work closely with a team of excellent local physiotherapists and yoga teachers so if you need an extra help of a different therapy, I can refer you to other trusted professionals to achieve desired results.

​If I’m not helping clients to feel better, I can be found spending time with my two girls, writing articles, running or practicing yoga.

Clinic address and hours

The Footcare Centre, 8 Monument Green, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8QS

​Thursdays 09:30 – 14:30
Saturdays 09:00 – 13:00

Home & Work Visit hours

Monday – available on request
Tuesdays – available on request
Wednesdays – available on request
Fridays – available on request
Sundays – available on request

Please call 07736 276 009 to book or contact us here and we will respond within an hour

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