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Walton on Thames and Hersham Parking Review

Walton on Thames and Hersham Parking Review

A new parking strategy for Elmbridge was approved at Surrey County Council’s local committee meeting on 23 February 2015.

Instead of considering requests across the whole borough at the same time, they would carry out more comprehensive reviews of different parts of the borough in turn on a three year rolling programme.

This strategy will focus on providing parking, if possible, where it is needed and could include removing or amending existing restrictions. It will also look at introducing new controls if necessary, focusing on safety issues.

It is now the turn of Walton on Thames and Hersham and there is a short online survey to complete.

The survey will close on April 10th (its not clear whether this is the start of day or end of day) so if you do have concerns or thoughts on the current parking in Walton on Thames and Hersham please ensure you complete the online survey by Sunday the 9th April just to be sure!

The link to the survey is here:


The key question is:

“Do you have any suggestions for changing on street parking? This would usually include things like introducing, removing, or amending yellow lines and parking bays.”

If you select ‘Yes’ this will take you on to pages where you can add much more detail:

  1. The names of the roads you would like reviewed
  2. The specific location on the road
  3. What you would actually like to change

You are not limited to a single request you can then specify that you have another request to make.

You are then asked to make any comments about Car Parks.

And a final question with any other comments you would like to make.

Given the detailed nature of the questions it is probably worth having a think before starting the survey.

Please don’t miss that deadline though as the next one is scheduled for 2020/2021!

“As the highway authority, Surrey County Council is responsible for managing parking on the public highway. However we will also take comments regarding public off street parking which is provided by the borough council as part of this consultation too.

You are more than welcome to also comment on private off street parking (e.g. station car parks, supermarket car parks etc), although we have limited scope to influence their management practices.

There will be some structured questions at the beginning of the survey, and ‘free text’ answers where you can write any comments you have towards the end of the survey.”

Source: https://www.surreysays.co.uk/e-i-highways-and-transport-parking-project-team/parking-consultation-walton-on-thames/

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